Application Loader Features

Apple made the original Application Loader only available on macOS. Due this fact we decided to build our Application Loader for Windows, Linux and Mac. Our web-based Application Loader completely replaces the original Apple Application Loader. The whole upload process is completely automated (no human involved) and secure. After your purchase is made you can directly go to our upload portal and start uploading.

The upload process to iTunes Connect / Apple App Store takes less than 5 minutes, we will never hand over your data to third parties and delete everything after the upload is done. Uploads are 24/7 possible all data is processed in a secure German data center.

Application Loader Plan


Also available as annual plan

  • unlimited uploads per month
  • unlimited Apple-IDs
  • unlimited users

Application Loader Features

Provides a range of features designed to give you the best user experience:

No Mac required

Our Application Loader doesn't require a Mac and works on any Operating System like Windows and Linux.

Automated uploads

The upload process is completely automated, which means it is processed in less than 5 minutes.

API avaiable

Our Application Loader is also available via API, which makes it possible to integrate it with your custom solution.

Upload history

Our upload history let you see and manage your last App uploads.

Original Mac Hardware

All uploads are processed on original Apple hardware to prevent compatibility issues.