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Dedicated Mac Hardware

We use original Apple hardware to allow our customers secure and fast hosting.

Infrastructure as a Service

Focus on your core business and not on running your IT. Let us care about your servers and hardware maintenance.

Instant Activation

In hurry? No problem, all servers are activated immediately. This is an automated process which involves no human.

Control Panel

With our control panel you can manage your Mac and see important statistics like connection details and traffic.

GPU Enabler

Without a GPU Enabler macOS decreases the speed of the GPU when no monitor is connected. To solve the issue every rented Mac has a free connected GPU enabler.

Static IPv4 address

Since the IPv4 address space is near the end, it is not obvious anymore to get a free IPv4. At wenz.io any rented server gets a free IPv4 address.

Operating Systems

By default all servers are preinstalled with the newest macOS version. If you need a different operating system this isn't any issue, just get in touch with us


You need a hosting solution which isn't promoted on our website? No problem, please get in touch with us to find a custom tailored solution.

Remote Access

By default all servers are accessible via SSH and VNC. To improve performance and compatibility we support and recommend also different software like NuoRDS