The API is currently in an alpha status!

The following command can be used to trigger a App upload with curl:

curl -v -H "ApiKey: [ApiKey]" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"AppleID":"[AppleID]","Password":"[ApplePassword]","Url":"[URL to the App]"}' https://al.wenz.io/api/ApplicationLoader/Upload

  • Replace [ApiKey] with your personal API key (can be found here)
  • Replace [AppleID] with the mail address of your apple account
  • Replace [ApplePassword] with the password of your apple account
  • Replace [URL to the App] with the URL to your App in the ipa file format

The result should look similar to {"jobId":"172897"}


The following command can be used to check the current upload result with curl:

curl -v -H "ApiKey: [ApiKey]" https://al.wenz.io/api/ApplicationLoader/Result?jobId=[JobID]

  • Replace [ApiKey] with your personal API key (can be found here)
  • Replace [JobID] with the id you received from the previous command

The result should look similar to {"id":"f3d50ac9-4b19-4129-b9c4-75d6e7017f92","created":"2019-01-03T15:13:22.3570302Z","result":null,"jobId":"172897"}

If the result is null this means the upload is still in progress, if it is finished it will contain an XML response from Apple about the upload result.

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How long does the upload takes?

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